Commercial Carrier Journal

Dana’s preassembled shaft kits

Dana’s Spicer ReadyPack Preassembled Kits for commercial vehicle driveshafts, coupling shafts and interaxle shafts are compiled for convenience, streamlined ordering and savings on inventory and labor costs so that users no longer will be required to identify and order each…

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Femco’s oil drain and fill system

Femco’s Non-Drip Drain Plugs and Clickers are designed to drain and refill oil quickly without leaving any residue by decreasing the distance between the plug’s valve opening and the clicker’s nozzle opening. Due to its robust solid brass construction, it…

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Commentary: Managing safety and productivity KPIs

In the current trucking environment there are literally thousands of datapoints that fleets can capture and analyze. However, no fleet has the ability to analyze all the data that is available. Instead, each fleet must pick key areas on which…

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Early adopters of crash mitigation tech see accidents decline

Operating large trucks safely and reducing serious crashes have never been more difficult, as trucks are surrounded by smartphone-distracted motorists who are driving more and increasing congestion, which raises the frequency of collisions. But as much as technology can be…

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